BLife Therapeutics intends to launch clinical trials of AP-003 to test the efficacy of IFNa2b for treatment of COVID-19



Blife Therapeutics intends to launch clinical trials to test the efficacy of IFNa2b for treatment of Covid 19. AP-003 is being developed as a novel interferon alpha2b (IFNa2b) inhalation formulation.

IFNa2b has been used to treat COVID 19 in China.²

Subject to receiving marketing authorization, AP-003 could potentially be used to treat patients early after COVID 19 infection which may potentially prevent the progression to severe disease and need for hospitalization.³

If successful in clinical trials, AP-003 may potentially be positioned as an initial treatment for COVID 19 and similar viruses.

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  1. Subject to successful outcome of clinical trials and obtaining market authorization
  2. Dong et al, 2020; Lu, 2020; Shen & Yang, 2020; Zhou et al, 2020
  3. Altum Clin Protocol ALT 003 COV 01 2020 04 30

Why AP-003


SARS CoV 2 coronavirus causes COVID 19. SARS CoV viruses block interferon production in infected cells, allowing the virus to continue replicating unabated ¹.

Treatment with interferon may overcome that block, potentially restoring cells normal anti viral activity.

Interferon alpha 2b (IFNa2b) is a potential treatment for COVID 19 ².

IFNa2b (inhaled) has been used in China on COVID 19 patients.

AP-003 may be given by inhalation at the first signs of COVID 19 with following projected outcomes according to Altum Clin Protocol ALT 003 COV 01 2020 05 04 rationale:


  • AP-003 inhalation applies INFa2b directly to the lungs which may enable infected cells to halt viral replication.
  • AP-003 inhalation may help to restore the initial immune response to COVID 19.
  • AP-003 inhalation 1st proposed target indication: people at higher risk to develop severe COVID 19 disease
  • Potential Result: Reduction of the overall hospitalization rate, long term tissue damage and death by reducing the severity of the disease
  • Potential prevention of long term damage to the lung, heart, kidney and the brain


Response to Viral Infection

Typical Response to Viral Infection

When a virus invades a cell, interferon is produced resulting in inhibition of viral replication. The Immune response proceeds to eradicate remaining virus in an orderly fashion, without damaging normal tissues.

When COVID-19 invades a cell, interferon production is thought to be blocked resulting in uncontrolled viral replication. By the time the immune system responds to the large viral load, there is already viral-related tissue damage. A massive outpouring of cytokines and antibodies believed to create a ‘cytokine storm’ causing extensive further tissue damage.

Administration of AP-003 may bypass interferon blockade in the cells and may restore IFN inhibition of viral replication so there is a normal immune response.

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